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Posted to terb.ca by lwatan on April 30, 2007



I normally do not post reviews ... until now.

This is not a shill since I've sampled my share of SPs from this board.

Tried Luv's '2-hr for $250 special' recently.

I was very satisfied with her BJ skills. Amazing.

Luv's easy to talk to, upfront, and honest.

IMHO, her BJ's much better than Jenn427/Sasha/CatherineTOG.

She's the first SP who:

1) Gave me a refund ! (charged only $200 since I chose oral only service).

2) Provided a 'hands-free' BJ.

3) Swallowed my cum.

Posted to terb.ca by blunozr on May 1, 2007

Another Luv4Lust review

Wow two hours bj only.

I thought I'd toss in another review of luv4lust. I enjoyed her services in the first half of March. Was easy to book and easy to find her place. Was the first time playing with her. I wanted oral, playtime, watching her masturbate and generally playing with her xxxx. All was enjoyed!

I especially enjoyed pumping her mouth full of cum (twice!), which she swallowed - didn't know CIM was included but delighted to do it! Her oral talents were the best and her xxxx was a delight to lick and it was wet and welcoming to my fingers. If you have read other reviews you will know of her size, but her mouth action and attitude makes up!

Any other questions pm me - I don't check the forum that often though - just when planning visit to Toronto :-)

Posted to terb.ca by Lasttime on May 1, 2007


From more of a regular poster . . .

I've seen Luv on a number of occasions and always been pleased with the attention/service. As always YMMV but she goes out of her way to make sure you leave drained and happy!!!

No, she's not to everyone's taste and can be testy on the board but don't knock something til you try it.

My only warning about Luv is . . .



. . . don't show up unless you've got an extra large double/double Timmies!!! Mind you, if YOU'RE extra large, too that would make her MOST happy!!


Posted to terb.ca by JacksWild on March 5, 2007

Luv4Lust Review

I know this lady has been reviewed many times before, but I figure should give back to the board...

I saw her last week... The appointment was easily setup even though we both had some re-scheduling issues. The place was easy to find.

I opted for her superb oral skills followed by Greek. Her Oral skills are out of this world, no hands... There is nothing better than this lady head bobbing up and down as you sit back enjoy.

Greek was quite nice and tight... I had a great time with lady and would definitely repeat.

She can be found at www.sweetnlovinlady.ca or the SPDirectory.

Posted to terb.ca by canbreathethroughearsmale on January 21, 2007

Review: The Temptation of Luv4Lust

Well, I was sitting in chat, typing away, feeling horny as usual and decided it was time I did something about it. Not to mention someone else I know was feeling that way too. Yes, it was luv. Now what are the chances two people in terb are horny, lol, yes, it's a very rare occurance

So, luv and I decide to hook up the next night. Luv was also saying she was in need of a massage, and who am I to deny that, hehe. So, I show up, and first thing luv notices, I didn't go to Timmie's yet. I swear, this lady can smell her Timmie's a mile away, lol. Well, in all honesty, I remember talking to her one night and remember her saying that she wasn't having someone get a Timmie's one night because it was too late. But knowing it was just around the corner, my plan was to ask her when I came in, and then of course, I went to go get the Timmie's.

So, I come back, and there is luv, layed out on the bed. I grab some massage oil and start working on her back and neck. I work her arm, and even her hands. Then work her legs down to her feet. I had to be careful how I massaged her sometimes, not that she's a little ticklish in some spots, but, heck, I won't tell you that!

I tell her to turn over and once again, work every inch of her body and then start to give her pussy a massage. I ran my hands slowly over it, making it wetter and wetter. I did this for a while until I couldn't take it any longer and dove in to bring my tongue into the mix. I should mention that we were watching some of luv's new porns. We were both of the opinion we could do better jobs and we were proving it to each other. Well, after some intensive breathing through my ears and the help of a few extra items, I gave luv a little bit more of a massage until she told me to lay down myself.

You know, whenever I think about that time luv was seeing if anyone could last 30 minutes, I always think, yeah, right, lol, this lady is too good at what she does. I do believe she could let you last 28 minutes, and I do mean she let's you if she is doing things on her terms, not yours. You could be looking at the clock while she's looking at your cock, and you think you're going to make it, and then it happens. That little grin and her knowing it's time, and beileve me it's time. She let's you know it and there is no drop left to be cleaned afterwards. Luv loves getting every last drop.

Luv was awesome as usual guys, and she always comes as advertised. This was my 3rd time seeing her and have never been dissappointed by her. You can check her out at her website guys. There is nothing fake about her, and as I said, comes as advertised.

Her website....


PS - Look, I remembered the link for a change, lol!!!

Thanks again luv!!!


Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans......

and never try to drink coffee and breathe through your ears at the same time


Posted to terb.ca by canbreathethroughearsmale on November 22, 2006

It was Luv at first.........

I was sick, and was hoping to get better in time to see luv for an appointment I had made earlier that week. I came to the conclusion that it may have been something I ate that made me sick as I really had no fever to speak of and was feeling much better by Wednesday night. I was hungry on Thursday and I wanted some peach.

I had talked to luv and told her that I was feeling better. We were hesitant at first as I had just been sick, but when I mentioned I think it was just something I ate, Luv was a little more open to seeing me that night. I think the real clincher was the massage though. Along with a love of pleasing a woman with my tongue, I love doing so with my hands as well. I just have always had the nack of applying the appropriate pressure when giving someone a massage and then adjusting if I'm being too firm.

So, I go to see luv and of course, where do I stop along the way. If you don't know, you don't know Luv. Off to get a XL 2x2 from Timmie's and back on the 401 to her location. I arrived and Luv was wrapped up in a towel. First thought was, get that towel off of her and start giving her a nice massage. I approached Luv, she looked into my eyes, then looked down, and spotted what she wanted. A smile crept accross her mouth as she gazed down and spotted the Timmie's I was holding in my hand. So I handed her her Timmie's and then talked a bit before getting down to business.

As I had mentioned, I love giving massages, so Luv layed down and pointed out the massage oil to me. Now, one thing I had realized I had never done, is use massage oil when doing my massages. So I put some on my hands and worked my hands from her neck, down her back, down to her legs, and of course I stopped at the butt too. Full body massage on the back of her, and I told her to flip over.

I started working on the front part of her shoulders again down to her breasts, all the while thinking, should I have a taste yet. I held off temptation, and worked my way down to her legs. As I'm leaning over to do her legs, my mouth is getting closer and closer to the golden peach. I hadn't gone down on any women in what seemed like months (OK, it was a few weeks, but weeks feel like months to me) The last two ladies I had seen had there restrictions, which I knew about, and respected it (their loss though lol), so luv was about to find out how much I wanted her peach. Well, massage time was over and I started to pay some attention to her breasts, as I like to slowly work my way down the body to have some of her peach. I have to say, I took my time down there and enjoyed every minute of it until Luv decided it was my turn.

Luv asked if I wanted a massage as well and for a girl who doesn't use her hands, she's very good with them when it comes to massage. The massage was great, but luv wanted to turn me over for a deep satisfying bbbj. Luv always amazes me, how you can feel like you are about to cum, and then, she pulls away just as you are at the brink. I feel like nothing is going to stop me from cumming, but she knows just the right moment when to stop. I must have had about 5 times that I really thought that I was going to explode and then didn't. Well, then came the time when I did and it was great.

I know luv has her special on about last 30 minutes that I could have opted for, but I'm the type of person who likes to play as well, so I went for the full hour to have some fun with Luv. Fun it was and hopefully it won't take me as long to visit her again the next time. All the reviews regarding her skills and looks are accurate guys, and the service is A1.

I've found that out twice now.
I just tried starting up a blog about a week ago. Feel free to come see, hopefully more will be added soon.

Posted to terb.ca by JustHav'nFun on November 16, 2006

Luv4Lust - WOW!!

Not a serious hobbiest, I'm more of a dabbler. Met many SPs over the years, but always left feeling like shit.

Meet Luv4Lust!

Not only was this the best and wildest sex I've ever had, I'll be happy to meet this lady in a store and talk as a friend. Now let's be honest - she's no little Playboy pixie with attitude, but if you're looking for a truly wild, and wonderful woman who also happens to be a total sexpot - this is your date. She's sweet, with a pretty face, a good body, and the best attitude you'll ever find. Told me she used to be a BBW - even showed me a picture - but except for a scar where they trimmed up the skin from all the weight she lost you'd never believe it.

I got way too interested and had too much fun the rest of the menu to try out her specialty (BBBJ), but I'm definitely going back for that as soon as I recover from the last workout!

Looks - A pretty woman, but check out her site. The pics are real.
Hygiene - 10 (fresh out of the shower)
Attitude - 10+ (great - a really sweet sex machine)
Service - 10 (could be more .. gotta go back to sample more of the buffet)
Donation - Very reasonable
Repeat - Soon as I recover!

Posted to terb.ca by gramps on November 14, 2006

I lost @ Luvs Special

Well I went to see Luv today for her special, see link below, and there was no way I was going to win. I even drank an Extra large Timmy's while waiting for her to finish in the shower. That made me want to piss and usually prolongs me cumming, but even that didn't work. She tormented me till I couldn't last ay longer. I may have lost the contest but I left with a smile on my face.

I have never seen Luv before but did see pics of her before her diet and she has slimmed down quite a bit. She is not what you would call a real bbw but she is not tiny either. She may not be everyones cup of tea but she has a great personality and provides an excellent service.

Good luck Florida if or when you go see her, but I don't even think being in a cold shower will make you win.

The older I get, the more perverted I become.

Posted to terb.ca by xxxstar on November 14, 2006

Post Luv4Lust

I have been on terb for quite some time lurking but thought i would participate in giving a review. Please forgive if the review is not up to par.

It was quite easy contacting her. My first contact was through e-mail. A few e-mails were exchanged with my questions regarding services offered and approximate location of incall. She is located in Scarborough south of the Fairview Mall. I decided to take the plunge and booked an appointment for the following day.

She had asked me to call her when i was close and she would disclose exact location at that time. I guess that is usual but not certain. Her location is easy to find.

Upon arrival, we greeted each other and had a bit of a conversation. Being a little nervous, she assured me there is nothing to be nervous about. She gave me quite a nice bbbj. Her skills are pretty good as she did not use her hands and just kept on going. I was not comfortable with giving daty and any sort of kissing and she was okay with that too. After some time of bbbj, she covered the little man and we started with doggie. A few minutes later, greek was on the menu and decided to take that plunge as well. Believe me, it didn't take long before the grand finale.

Luv4lust is not what I would consider as a hot babe but she is definitely good at what she does. She is not thin but not fat. Anyone who is nervous about seeing an SP, she puts you at ease and respects your limits. The greek was my first time and it was definitely a good time.

Hope this helps anyone who may be on the fence about seeing her.

Posted to terb.ca by pug2775 on August 4, 2006

Luv4Lust Gitty-up-n-go!!

As some of you may remember; as you read and memorize my posts with fervor awhile ago I retired from the hobby because the service up here (NWO) was dismal.
At the time I received an e-mail from Luv4lust encouraging me not to retire and to try out the girls (particularly her) down south. Recently I found myself having to make a work trip to the "big smog" or as the map indicates Toronto, so I contacted Luv.
So a couple of days ago we met, I agree with other posts about her, that her pictures do not do her justice, she is very pretty, comfortable to be around and secure in her sexuality and needs.
We had a 2 hour meeting and it was like being a shirt in the laundry desperate to hold onto my buttons. Wash, tumble, press, fold!. Repeat!
I'd like to say that I was a man's man, but fuck I lost my buttons like crazy twice. Fuck that girl can launder.
I swear even parts of my IQ drained.
Normally the "angry inch" tells me to send more blondes, but the next morning he left me a post it note on my thigh "fuck it your on your own today.. i'm sleeping in!"

Posted to terb.ca by redwine109 on December 13, 2005

Review: Luv4lust, and she is
Luv4lust aka http://www.sweetnlovinlady.ca/

All of Luv's reviews start with "extra large double double Timmies in hand" and end with "could hardly climb the stairs to get to my car". I thought I would fill in just some of the middle details. Luv is highly and frequently reviewed on this board. She is also very active on chat line which is where we hooked up. She loves to tease, has a very quick wit and is horny as, well as a guy. This represents a compilation of a couple of visits.

Easy to schedule a get together, PM, chat and then a confirming phone call. Pharmacy near Ellsmere with parking. There is a brand new Tim Horton's right around the corner, so its a wonderful thing. She is a larger women, not BBW but not a teeny tiny either. Her pics do not show how cute she really is or her open and fun attitude.

I already had a pretty good idea of what we both liked from our dirty chat talk and after a few minutes of catching up we let the games begin. When she starts going, there is a low purr turning into a moan throughout. There is no doubt Luv luv's what she does and does not "fake" anything. LFK turned into DFK, petting turned into digits, digits turned into toys, vibrators.

Luv provides a first class, toe curling, fluid draining, hands free BBBJTC. It's almost too much. Almost. Very clean, very tasty DATY and she has a very responsive clit. A little missionary, a little anal, more toys. She has a very solid butt from all the bike riding. Definitely no clock watching involved.

Overall a very fun, open session where she clearly enjoys herself. I had a great time and have joined the many L4L fans already out there.

Posted to terb.ca by funsmartguy on December 6, 2005

luv4lust review
I decided it was time to end the speculation and come forth with my review of Luv4lust. I saw her fairly recently and had an incredible time.

For those who want the intimate details, tough. For the important q and a, read on:

cleanliness: 10+, A+ whatever you highest ranking is. Luv just finished showering, very clean and fresh
fun: mischievous smile, twinkle in her eyes, great sense of humour, the ability to keep the passion rising.....
erotic: oh yeah!!!
pleasing: see above (oh yeah!!)
satisfying: double oh yeah, although it was not just a one sided affair (but you wouldn't be interested in that...)
Repeat: without question, definitely, asap

Thanks Luv,


Smile, you look sexy

Posted to terb.ca by bearlythere on December 7, 2005
Best BBBJ in the Biz and maybe out of it as well. I do not think there is a man alive in normal health that can withstand the onslaught she can give your johnson if she decides she wants an explosion. Look ma, no hands is also one of her motto's!!!!

I don't know if Bear's shit in the woods ok???? I use a Can like everyone else!!!

Posted to terb.ca by a 1 player on June 14, 2005

Best BJ Ever
I just came back from visiting luv4lust.


I have been wanting to see her for about the past year, after having read some of her positive reviews, but finally took the plunge. A few PM's back and forth and a phone call, booking was easy. Why the hell did I wait so long? Dudes, this girl is awsome. Really nice personality, and a sexual legend in my mind anyways. A cool chick to hang with as well. Her apartment is easily located in Scarborough, it is in a safe neighbourhood and is very discreet.

I went only for her "oral services", and holy shit, am I a happy man. 40 minutes non-stop, no signs of tiring at all. I was holding on for dear life from minute number one, I am surprised with myself for lasting so long. Believe me it wasn't easy.

I don't know what to say right now, but if you have not been to see her, or have any doubts about seeing her, you are just plain silly.

Looks - What ya see is what ya get (except that she has lost a ton of weight)
Hygene - 10 (fresh out of the shower)
Attitude - 10 (really, really cool chick)
Service - 11 (unbefuckinglievable)
Donation - Very reasonable
Repeat - Hell yeah

Thanks Luv - see ya soon

a 1 player
The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.
H.L. Mencken

Posted to terb.ca by svend on May 19, 2005
Ultimate BBBJ (so far), luv4lust!
With all the comments on luv4lust's BJ talents, I had to find out for myself.
I knew she still had a limited menu and wasn't offering FS quite yet but I still wanted to satisfy my curiousity. With a piping hot extra large double double Timmies in hand, I made my way to her clean apartment in Scarborough near the 401. She was very welcoming and we chatted for awhile, there was no rush for either of us. Then we headed into her bedroom and I stripped down for some fun.
She assessed the project before her carefully, sizing it up visually with a gleam in her eyes. Playfully, she stroked and caressed my cock which was already glistening with pre-cum, then she slowly began licking... I've never had anyone so determined to give pleasure, she knew so many methods to bring me to the edge and then grab me back. Definitely the longest and most enjoyable BJ, we went well over my intended time. BTW, her pics will be updated, she's much slimmer these days.

Will I repeat? Fuck yeah!


Posted to terb.ca by blackheart on Apr 7, 2005
luv4lust - A review

Before you start whining SHILL..SHILL.check out Luv's other reviews. They are pretty much all the same. If you do not believe this review.f-off and move on!!

Luv is the 3rd SP I have ever seen. One was OK (a gal from Ont.,,,I still owe her a review) the other was a disaster. she is in Vancouver so I wont bother you with the details!

I decided to visit Luv for a lot of different reasons. We had a super chat on the phone and that sealed the deal for me.

Scarborough here I come (fooken 401 traffic was a mess-like always!!)

So with a Tim Hortons in hand I arrived just a lil late!

Luv was dressed in a little Red teddy and black nylons.(damn I?m such a pushover) We had a great spirited conversation. This is ONE smart lady.

After some chit-chat she invited me to the bedroom and asked me to shave her!! At this point I take out my fantasy list and put a little check mark beside shaving.LOL

DATY was awesome! I won't go into too many details but it went on forever!! Hygiene A+

Luvs straightened out the bed and said .OK, your turn!! and OMFG was it ever!

Hands DOWN the best BBBJ EVER in my life. PSE?....forget it !! So far past PORN star you have NO idea. I held on for as long as I could. I didn't want to be a total wimp. OMG my knees were rocking and my blood pressure shot thru the roof.and lil junior was one totally happy camper!!

I was offered round two "I was up for it".lil junior said".forget it"ffs!!

If you are looking for a Barbie-doll with a perfect body implants and a crappy attitude, Luv is not for you. My first was a Barbie-look-a-like,,,and what a total waste of time!

If you are looking for one sweet Lady who will make u smile all day long.Luv is a perfect 10!! Treat this gal right. :)

Like always .YMMV!!

Incall: Nice discrete place, bathroom super clean
Rate: See luv's Website: www.sweetnlovinlady.ca
Face: What a cutie (her website pix's are old)
Body: Perfect for me-Luv has lots a ton of weight and looks great
Attitude: 10
Hygiene A+
Reciprocity 9.5
Return on Investment 10+
Repeat: Next week, assuming I can recover that quick
More info: PM me for further info.idiots will be ignored


Links sweetnlovinlady@hotmail.com
For an appointment please email me.

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